Real Estate Marketing Pricelist

Photography Service Only- $250

I provide as many photos as necessary to cover the entire listing. Aerial drone photos are included at no additional cost unless safety or weather concerns arise while on location.. All of the photos are edited, sized properly, and typically delivered in 24 hours. The picture below has an exterior photo of the house added to the TV and a fire added to the fireplace. (Look at the mirror, the TV reflection is there too.)

Photography and Walkthrough Video- $500

When adding a walkthrough video tour to your real estate marketing package, you will receive an Agent Branded tour, MLS compliant tour, a Zillow video tour. All of the videos are edited with licensed music and hosted on my dedicated video hosting service. I will also upload the video to my YouTube channel and link it back to your agency website to give you the best Google ranking traction for the property. The video will be edited and links will typically be available within 48 hours.

Add Narration to a Walkthrough Video- $100- $200 more

I offer two versions of narrated walkthrough video tours for an additional cost. One done by myself for $100 and one done by “Radio Bob” Sherman  for $200. This type of video walk through tour offers much more information about the home, location and special amenities.

360° Virtual Home Tour- $75 (when packaged a photo or video shoot)

Let potential buyers navigate their way through your listing 24 hours a day with a 360° Virtual Tour. That’s right! What a great way to allow you buyers the ability to view the property and interior of a home without needing to visit the property in person. This is an important addition to all real estate marketing packages.

Floor Plans- $75 (when packaged with a photo or video shoot.)

Add a floor plan to your real estate marketing so your clients understand the flow of the home. Floor plans are the only service I don’t edit, but don’t worry, my team of editors typically has the plans back within one business day.

Dedicated Property Webpage- $50

The dedicated property webpage, hosted on (Click Here to see a Dedcated Property Webpage) will include all of the marketing options you choose for the listing. As each piece is completed, I will upload all of the materials to the site for you and you will only have to deal with one link for social sharing.

Copyright & License

 Fall On Ray Media retains copyright to all media that I create and I grant a license to use the media for the sole purpose of marketing the property. The license is granted to the original agent only and is not transferable to another agent, unless the home owner purchased the original license. The license is granted for the duration it takes to sell the property. The license grants social media sharing, print advertising, and digital advertising for the sole purpose of selling the property. Any usage not pertaining to the sale of the property, such as agent marketing materials, require permission from Fall On Ray Media and may result in additional costs.

If a seller decides to use another agent, for whatever reason, the photos cannot be transferred or sold to another agent by the original agent. Fall On Ray Media would require another shoot of the property and the new agent would be responsible to pay for a new marketing package. Real Estate is a competitive business and I cannot risk damaging a relationship by letting media I created to be used by someone who didn’t pay for it or spend the time to coordinate the original shoot.